Our philosophy Man is the benchmark.

Deutsche Immobilien Entwicklungs AG stands for comprehensively designed and completed real estate projects, for value creation and quality.

We conceive the project development from the perspective of the user. The guiding principle of our project developments is to guarantee modern, urban living and working in an ecologically and socially intact environment. This aspiration obliges. Our concepts therefore represent a consistent answer to more than 'just' the needs of the market. We work with selected architects and urban planners to develop contemporary and sustainable answers to the ecological and social questions of our time on the basis of efficient spatial solutions, and by doing so guarantee that the people living in the properties we plan and complete are satisfied on a sustainable basis. We invest in future viability and in doing so create the conditions for sustainable returns for our investors. As a company, we are also fundamentally committed to responsible corporate governance in the sense of the ESG guidelines on sustainable investment and investment strategies.

Our approach: Comprehensive project development

Neighbourhoods of the future

We develop comprehensive real-estate projects with a focus on value creation and quality. Based on our many years of experience, we design and create the neighbourhoods of the future in cooperation with urban planners and architects.

Forward planning concepts

We approach project development from the end point. Doing so means that our concepts offer maximum space utilisation that is focussed on the target group and guarantee the flexibility to react cost-effectively to the changing requirements of the market.

Our products

We deliver large-volume project developments with classic multi-storey residential construction for affordable living with commercial units and office space. We develop lively neighbourhoods with an urban and user-friendly infrastructure.

ESG – Environment, Social, Governance

We are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, business partners, the environment and society and plan our projects as sustainably as possible.

As a CIC-recognised training company, we train young people.

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