Asset classes We create values: economically, ecologically and socially.

We achieve visionary goals by combining integrated planning with highly efficient performance. This results not only in modern, multifunctional office premises that are optimally tailored to the requirements of tenants.

But we also build attractive new residential buildings: cleverly designed and efficiently produced – and for this very reason, high in quality and ecologically sustainable. In addition, we revitalise entire city neighbourhoods on the basis of comprehensive urban development concepts, hence building bridges between the cities of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Modern commercial and office buildings – quality and flexibility for the highest demands

A lively mix of uses is very popular today. Planning real-estate solutions for commercially used spaces requires a high degree of flexibility.

We develop modern and multifunctional building concepts, optimally tailored to the requirements of both office users and retailers and their customers.

Our testimonial: Mizar Gate Office in Neu-Schönefeld

Attractive housing – urbanity and living comfort for vibrant residential neighbourhoods

One of the biggest challenges in fast-growing cities like Berlin is to create good and affordable housing in a liveable environment with a user-friendly infrastructure. We face this challenge as developers. Our new residential building is characterised by a harmonious interplay of needs-oriented floor plans, optimal technical room equipment, modern designs and energy-efficient construction.

Comprehensive planning and optimised construction processes make it possible for us to build efficiently and cost-effectively and by doing so create high-quality, yet inexpensive living space.

Our testimonial: Project Theodor-Fontane-Höfe in Neu-Schönefeld

Urban and neighbourhood development – the future is possible

Cities are in a constant state of flux. We are giving a new profile to old city neighbourhoods that lend themselves to revitalisation thanks to their particular location and basic building structure. We are transforming former industrial areas that the public previously had no access to into open and liveable urban neighbourhoods with a future-oriented infrastructure.

We devise comprehensive development concepts and create framework conditions for urban planning that turn neglected areas into attractive and functional commercial and residential districts in the long term. We realise large-scale real-estate projects with high potential for value appreciation.

Our testimonial: Project Behrensufer in Berlin-Oberschöneweide