Project development & management Comprehensive project development – efficient, sustainable, worthwhile.

We develop large-volume commercial and residential properties for institutional investors and also offer asset management for institutional portfolio holders. The focus of our activities is placed on offering comprehensive project development from the beginning to the end of the real-estate lifecycle. Our expertise in project development goes hand in hand with the specialist investment management knowledge of our employees. This allows us to make attractive real estate investments and offer innovative fund investment solutions.

From Service Phase 1 onwards, we involve all the architects, general contractors and asset managers concerned in the construction in the planning. This facilitates a narrow dovetailing of architecture and construction that saves on time and costs. We are able in this way to effectively plan major projects across all service phases and implement them without delay on the agreed completion date, within the estimated budget and in a high structural quality. Strategic partnerships allow DIEAG to secure considerable construction capacities over the next few years and by doing so unblock one of the largest bottlenecks currently in the real estate industry.

Plan systemically – execute efficiently

Our particular strength

Intelligent planning in cooperation with architects and the construction industry for an optimal construction process: Digitalised, systemic and target group-oriented sophisticated development of our products across all service phases, resulting in high cost control, increased quality and adherence to agreed completion dates.

What we aspire to

We develop new and creative ideas and transform them into reality. To this end, we use the latest techniques and materials coupled with the most modern approaches to 3D and 5D planning to network all construction processes. We achieve a high level of user quality in this way and also needs-based floor plans with a variable design and energy-efficient construction.

We master the difficult transition from architecture to construction by dovetailing the design phase with the execution phase in an integrated planning process. Construction schedules can already be worked out during work phases 1 to 4 to ensure that the agreed completion dates are met. Early and close coordination with the general contractors performing the construction work also allows us to plan and implement sophisticated, comprehensive sustainability concepts in construction and building technology.

Our construction method is characterised by resource-optimised precise production, and is environmentally friendly, flexible, variable and cost-effective. This total package embodies our innovative new commercial and residential construction expertise.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Investment and asset management