ESG concept Responsibility – for the environment, social issues and in corporate management.

The DIEAG Group of Companies is equally committed to economic, ecological and social concerns. This is reflected in our Sustainability Concept on responsible and sustainable investing according to the three key sustainability criteria Environment, Social and Governance – "ESG" for short – and culminates in our corporate concept of implementing worthwhile projects across all asset classes.


We use the design options available to us to keep the ecological impact on the environment as low as possible. We are constantly working on economically viable solutions to reduce energy and water consumption and to lower CO2 emissions.

We actively seek a continuous exchange with our stakeholders (especially investors, tenants, service providers, suppliers, employees and business partners) in order to identify common interests and to reduce the environmental impact of our project developments and existing properties to a feasible minimum in the most efficient way possible.

Properties are managed so that resources and energy are conserved. Emissions are avoided as far as possible in order to reduce the size of our ecological footprint along the entire value chain.


We create a secure and attractive working environment that is rich in opportunities in order to retain our employees in the long term.

We stand for non-discriminatory relations and diversity. We offer our employees a positive environment in which they can develop personally and professionally.

We communicate with our stakeholders openly and advocate transparency in communication. We take appropriate account of social and ethical aspects in our project development plans and support social, charitable and cultural institutions within the scope of our possibilities. We constantly raise the awareness of our employees concerning the issue of environmental and social sustainability.


We are keen to enhance and expand the collection, analysis and processing of non-financial KPIs.

We strictly reject corruption and bribery and pursue all violations and misconduct with consequence under labour law and criminal law.

We ensure compliance with international human rights standards by adhering to principles such as those of non-discrimination and liability for our own actions and participatory activities.