The DIEAG Group of Companies Built on partnerships.

DIE Deutsche Immobilien Entwicklungs AG, or DIEAG for short, was founded in 2015. From the very beginning, the company's strategy was focused on the development of large- volume residential and commercial properties, which are sold exclusively to institutional clients in global sales.

Since 2016, DIEAG has been involved in the development of several residential neighbourhoods and office complexes around the new Schönefeld Town Hall in the immediate vicinity of the now open capital city airport BER, therefore helping to create an entire district. From the outset as well, DIEAG has based its corporate strategy on firm partnerships, especially with Ed. Züblin AG. Together, DIEAG and Ed. Züblin AG have developed a very efficient system of cooperation, which is essentially based on joint development of the overall planning. This effective partnership serves as an ongoing check for technical feasibility and adherence to the cost budget. This way, DIEAG also manages to free up one of the biggest bottlenecks in the construction industry and already secures the requisite construction capacities for the coming years today. The founding of DIEAG Investmentmanagement GmbH in 2019 means that the focus will henceforth be exclusively on the acquisition, early support and realisation of project developments for institutional investors with the aim of long-term portfolio maintenance. With our strategic participation in DIEfabrik, we are securing digital expertise that goes far beyond previous BIM approaches. DIEAG is also further expanding its focus on the ESG criteria for sustainability-oriented investments.

Foundation of DIEAG


  • Foundation of DIEAG Investmentmanagement GmbH
  • Foundation of DIEAG Projektentwicklungs- und Management GmbH

Shareholding in DIEfabrik